August 2, 2020. BEYOND

“Go Beyond” by Conal Gilliland

– – –

"A Better World is Waiting" by Linda M. Crate
beyond the pale
there is a better world
she can be here,
and she's trying to reach us;

place of love,
and understanding;

empathy and compassion
aren't ever in low supply
despite the high demand—
& everyone respects
everyone's magic and talents 
and bodies for who and what they are
without judgment or question,

and here is the place
that calls me to her side;
can you see her
beyond all the nightmares?

she is waiting
to crown all her royals;
for each of us is of a worth beyond

here, we're all in various stages
of learning this;
but she already knows and she wants us to know.

– – –

“Beyond the Land” by Seán Delaney

– – –

"Drowning in the Old Horn" by M.A.A.
An ethereal door, a hesitant opening
we always pick the wrong entrance, 
into which we are carelessly sailing, 
great exploration comes with a loss
as such, someone is to be thrown 
over the edge and left to preach
as a son of the nameless one
who is to break and cut
space into halves

It's fun for a while to praise
- in nerve-racking tune 
           of broken drums -
what we tend to call curiosity
but let's be honest, and see what
it all means in different tongues
who catches the misdirecting trap
- in echoes 
              of spectral beings -
that is insatiability

You see, these confused navigators
in every moment of perceived danger 
blow the old horn, not for redemption
but as a mere wish to have some more
            so for us 
- who are in great fear of the fall,
yet can only spiral down from it all -
a few little tales of wasted inner peace
makes us quickly reach for Beyond

Now, as the sacrifice grows bored
            - disillusioned -
he gathers the sons of his own
the teacher says, the pupils echo,
in one neat circle they all let go:

Beyond is what consumes
is what brings doubt
is what gives tears
             silences the wicked mouth
Beyond gives discord
makes us laugh
              and sing us of their kingdom
to impale the right heart

The teacher can barely hold the keys, 
the forgotten rat-turned-fish
has no place in this scheme
of the sea farers' failed means
yet he summons the drowned kin
teaches them all to swim
- for the sailors 
             of uncharted waters -
             the dropped weight
made death a messenger of joy
thus ruining your pitiful ploy
            and he comes again
with a great enchantment
preaching the word 
of drowned men
whether with love 
           or contempt
      "Be as a lamp
unto them..." 
“Beyond” by M.A.A.

– – –

Quick Note: As we are coming out of lockdown here in Ireland and my weekends are getting busy again, I have made the decision to make Artistic Differences a biweekly event. This means that the next exhibition will appear on the 16th of August, meaning the deadline for submissions will be midnight, Saturday 15th.

Next week’s theme is: Begin Again

Submit at:

More information under ‘Submissions’ tab

Published by artisticdifferencescurator

My name is Seán and I am the creator and curator of the Artistic Differences Project. I started this project during the lockdown in Ireland due to COVID-19 in March 2020 as a way to get my friends and I creating during a troubling time. From there the project as gone from strength to strength and now we publish a new exhibition every two weeks.

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