June 21st, 2021. GREEN

– – –

"Growing Up Green" by S.J. Delaney
I landed among the trees,

dark beneath the rising forest,

wet and sticky and loud, so loud.

I wonder along, blind in hope

not minding eyes in the dark;

watching and waiting and patient, so patient.

I could not see, I did not know

to watch where I stood, to guard hope

from vicious leeches, waiting for me, just me.

It wasn’t long before it was too late,

ensnared by handsome, smiling eyes;

his waiting done, the final blow, it was over.

I landed green and that they saw

and after they’d done, I’d be left raw.

I learned to be careful, I wish I was taught,          

                        and now I see them


                                                like I did


– – –

“Forest” by Vian Borchert (watercolour, 2021)

– – –

“Mother Willow” by Lúnasa

– – –

“Collected Green” by Louise

– – –

"Irony and Distance" by M.A.A. 
From both sides, eight heads rush to the stage
all for him or her or the rest of the spectating beings
to weird delights, dance and play depicting weirder fate

And the motion flows like water from left to right
from right to left, and there is a gap in the centre
and they sing! beautiful voices welcoming the light

Suddenly, the dancers retreat to the corners, staring in
and they smile, and the give a peek of their teeth
like wolves waiting for a feast, they’d rather mock than kill

Stationary bodies with faces carved from mannequins
can’t do much to the static condition of mortality
yet proudly channel hell into me

The leader of this pact is nothing but a green light
green overrule, arrives from the curtains of the mind
it proposes things, I think, but we may only glare and sink

It's the glowing heart of the play, it's the heart of all
it pumps blood of Puphluns, Turso, Irra, and the like
disease, growth, health, decay of everything in our sight

It has to be burned, but nature triumphs
in a disciplined world chaotic ordeals become the norm
the outliers will find it clear and transparent, though sour

In a debate between the green revelation and a trigger beneath
our legs, they perform for stolen years
making sure time is unwoven, disarmed from its heat

I was never among them, never could. It’s obvious by now
a circus sure enough, just not for this clown
discreet and taxonomical, infecting souls from afar

"Whatever it is, keep being you" - but what is the you
in me, it is asked - was it a bait for this theatre of shame?
In a Vindexian plot, coward’s end recalls only one tale

It has chosen me, has it not? you too, in the room next door? In this sickening blur
what if admitted, with great regret, that for my part it was never an act
eight heads but actually a solo; merely a fool to the script, to a history subdued

So to the cyclical snake, or the beast dwelling in the seas:
bring us into a quiet dream
and let us be nothing
in peace.

– – –

“Coward’s End” by M.A.A.

– – –

"Green Acres" by Vian Borchert 
Green acres
I run in green fields
I smell the flowers
the jasmine, the roses, the lavender fields
the birds sing
in green acres
the soft wind breeze
over the wheat fields
the sun shines happily
over green acres

Green acres
I imagine running happily in green acres
Green acres
as far as the eyes can see
green green green

– – –

– – –

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Published by artisticdifferencescurator

My name is Seán and I am the creator and curator of the Artistic Differences Project. I started this project during the lockdown in Ireland due to COVID-19 in March 2020 as a way to get my friends and I creating during a troubling time. From there the project as gone from strength to strength and now we publish a new exhibition every two weeks.

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