August 13th 2021. WAITING

“Waiting” by Conal Gilliland

– – –

"By the Mist" by M.A.A. 
"Do you understand the nature and terms of your engagement?"

It's the soft bark glimmering 
bit of wet mist making everything so welcoming
little things in the bushes, little things with funny ears
remind me of the olden years

Pouring down the streams, 
painting the fence in colours unseen
with a sign "paradise not asked or hoped for, 
not waited nor agreed upon..."
in the jungle of far-reaching leaves, it all seems
like fifteen years of demons have reminded I'm not alone
with a judgmental undertone below their all-seeing spirals
debates over metaphysics in the corridors of foreign houses
there was peace in the escape - and I had to go faster

It is now three in the morning, it always is, somehow
still following the gravel roads
they all lead home
and I remember my friends, the moments just before
I miss them dearly, and let the emotions come afore

A sudden forager's trap, dizzy and lost in the forest
a song in my mind, a whole home on the lap of the heart
a warming sight, need no other place for a good rest
there's an owl signalling the end, for another start,
if we may

Do you know what you've signed up for?
Nothing, you've been stolen for good
or did you enlist for the war on transcendence
or as a prisoner of its long attendance
snap out of a dream of the eternal green
shift into the borderlands
and here we are paralysed in the reel
not to be released from its grasps

Can you imagine the flames of these fields
in solidarity with summer nights?
Who is it to raise the shields,
when they come to shut the lights?
In the end,
they know all about you
and they'll let you know
who took this soul, then
and who died for these sins;
no one, 
not yet.

– – –

“Window Overlook” by Vian Borcher (Mixed media collage, 2021)

– – –

"Notches" by S.J. Delaney
The quiet moments that lay between
each notch, wondering step by step
and falling towards nothing in particular. 
The quiet moments in between
failing towards nothing and particular,
each notch, standing like a fence pst 
and stretching far over the vales and hills.
The quiet moments wondering between
plans of infinity, awful to see
it wondering wordlessly towards itself.
Standing with lips clasped shut,
feeling the nag in the jaw, and focused
on the end, wherever it may be.
            The telling notch. 

– – –

"Waiting" by Vian Borchert
Waiting for the rain to stop
so I can go out
Waiting for COVID to end
so I can go out
Waiting for the bell to ring
so I can leave school
Waiting for the delivery man
so I can see my order
Waiting for the Weekend
so I can relax
Waiting for Saturday morning
so I can sleep in
Waiting for the Summer
so I can go on vacation
Waiting for the movie release...
Waiting, waiting, waiting
I spend my life waiting
Do you spend your life waiting too?

– – –

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My name is Seรกn and I am the creator and curator of the Artistic Differences Project. I started this project during the lockdown in Ireland due to COVID-19 in March 2020 as a way to get my friends and I creating during a troubling time. From there the project as gone from strength to strength and now we publish a new exhibition every two weeks.

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