The Artistic Differences Project is a project that aims to showcase the wonderful variety of artistic expression. Every art form has found innovative and provocative ways to express life in all its forms. This project aims to bring as many art forms as possible into conversation with each other through the expression of a unifying theme.

The plan is essentially to publish a prompt and collect as many different responses to the prompt in as many different art forms as possible. This means that you can respond with a short story, a poem, a painting, a photograph, an etching, a song, an audiovisual work, a performance, whatever form you choose it to take. Then, we will compile these into a single blog post to show the wonderful similarities and differences between each artists’ response.

Given that I’m personally back to work and a bit busier than before, ADP is now every two weeks. On Monday evening I’ll post the prompt which gives you two weeks till Sunday at midnight to submit your pieces to artisticdifferencesproject@gmail.com which will be compiled and submitted the following Monday morning.

Get creative and I look forward to seeing what we can make together while we’re forced apart.

Seán (Curator)

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